Prequel: “Metta around the World”

We are entering the last month of 2016. Our sky is raining, elsewhere it’s snowing…nature seems to set the mood for reflection.

This Friday, 2 Dec, is the first of three series of prequel towards “Metta around the World” on 31st Dec organised by Aloka Foundation and Buddhist Missionary Society Malaysia.

Date of 3 Sessions: Fri – 2nd, 9th & 16th Dec 2016
Time: 8pm to 9 pm
Venue: Vihara Sakyamuni Buddha (Kuching Buddhist Society, new wing)

Bro Tay Chung Ang will conduct the sessions. He will be doing a short Dhamma sharing, followed by Buddhanusati, Recollecting the Virtues of Buddha and Metta (30 minutes of sitting).

Attendees can reflect on the importance of looking inward and facing our own fears before looking outward in compassionate action.

Open to all who are interested.

Buddha tejena sotthina
By Buddha’s Power,
Be Well and Happy 🙏


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