Prince Siddharta, after seeing the “Four Sight”, of an old man, a sick man, a dead man and a holy recluse, came to the realization that Life is subject to old age, death and suffering.

He was so troubled and was determined to find the way out of these universal sufferings. So he renounced a luxurious life, his wife, son and a Kingdom in search of The Truth.

When he could not find the answer after studying under the foremost masters and practicing extreme self mortification, he adopted The Middle Path. At age 35, while sitting under the Bodhi Tree at Gaya, he attained perfect enlightenment and became Buddha, meaning “The Awakened and Enlightened One”.

For nearly half a century, the Buddha walked and preached the Dhamma, the doctrine and way out of this universal suffering.

Buddhism has prevailed for over 2,500 years and is now a global religion. Over the past 40 years since Kuching Buddhist Society was formed, it is committed to propagating the Buddha’s Dhamma and the English Section together with the Vajrayana Section, is part of the Main Section and Chinese Section consisting of Mahayana tradition.

The English Section is associated with the Theravada tradition (commonly referred to as the Southern or Orthodox school of Buddhism). The section aims to create the awareness of an English section to cater to English speaking member of the public and also the existence of the Theravada Tradition.

The section organizes Dhamma talks by members of the Sangha, lay speakers, etc, cultivation and practice of the Dhamma through discussions and meditation retreats. The Section also have outreach programs with schools, institutions of learning, etc, to spread and share the Dhamma widely. The Section is also involved in humanitarian programs to spread loving kindness and hopefully to ease suffering, through home and hospital visits, charity sales and counseling.

The English Section has a weekly puja, hymn singing and prayers for the sick (upon request) every Wednesday at 8:00 pm. Dhamma sharing and discussion at various dates and time. When condition permits, the Section also organizes motivational and self-improvement camps.

The English Section welcomes all to join the Section, to embrace and practice. The Dhamma and to contribute in all ways to benefit all beings.


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